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Education advocacy to increase 21st Century Learning and future preparedness of Fort Mill students.

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Our Fort Mill Kids are Worth Fighting for! But why Does it Have to Be Such a Fight?

Kids. Sure… they can drive us crazy! Make us want to pull our hair out at times…maybe daily even… (and I bet they’d say the same thing about us) but kids are also pretty cool and PRETTY IMPORTANT! To our families, our schools, our community and our WORLD!

They are OUR FUTURE!

A future that needs the unique gifts that each one brings into this world that could NEVER be measured on an SAT, AP , ACT or ANY standardized test!

A uniqueness that could NEVER be defined by a grade, college acceptance letter, or even sports scholarship. Sure…many of them work very hard and learn to do well on tests and some have special athletic talents that are honed through a LOT of dedication, $$ and time.

But there’s more to these kids than filling in the bubbles and working hard for good grades and sports scholarships and admissions to the TOP college. A lot more!

They are CREATIVE, they think CRITICALLY and DEEPLY, they are EMPATHETIC and have an innate CURIOSITY that we have an obligation as schools and parents to nurture and CELEBRATE!

Because that is what our world needs most from them! Their CURIOSITY to examine complex problems with intensity, wonder and grit and find solutions to those problems with the same intensity, wonder and grit.

And yet…as important as we KNOW our kids and the value they bring to the world are, why does it seem we forget that at times here in Fort Mill? Why do we forget to make them a PRIORITY in our school curriculum decisions, school safety and town planning?

Have you checked out FB lately? Is it just me or does it seem like we have a LOT of groups of passionate and VERY dedicated parents and advocates working COUNTLESS hours of blood sweat and tears for OUR KIDS and THEIR FUTURE…

Families Against Endangering our Kids (Just say NO to Gas Stations next to playgrounds!!)

Safer Schools Fort Mill


Parents Against Revised Option C-1

Fort Mill Community Advocates (That’s mine!)

Education Advocates of York County

York SC for Ed

Race to Nowhere Fort Mill

The challenges that inspired these groups are different but they do share a common theme…frustration over decisions made without enough consideration for KIDS! And their health and futures!

As I got away this past weekend with my kids, I reflected on the ultimate sacrifices for our service men and women for our freedom. We are GRATEFUL and must never forget!

And this past weekend, I also found myself GRATEFUL for all the parents and educators and School Board members who’ve sacrificed so much to protect our children here in Fort Mill. And fighting SO HARD to ensure they ARE FIRST in school and town planning decisions.

But I also can’t help but ask myself...WHY does it have to be such a fight?

When SO many other districts within our state have transformed their curriculum and school cultures to make sure KIDS are at the center and IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT of their learning, what is preventing the FMSD from practicing what we preach…Kids First…Every Day?

(Meadow Glen Elementary School - Lexington One)

With a little passion and dedication to solving this REAL WORLD challenge, maybe we could ensure that BRIGHTER future for ALL our kids and…spend a little less time on FB. :)

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